Ethylene vinyl acetate
PVC Plasticizer
DOP, DBP, DINP, Chlorinated paraffins
Crosslinjing、Foaming agent、ZnO
Polybutadiene Rubber

Our Service

We are engaged in chemicals, including transportation, sales and product information, consultation, treatment and other professional service. The sales industry currently includes Shoes, Agriculture film, Hot melt, Wire and Cable, Tire, Solar, UPR and so on.

According to the above related chemicals industry, we begin with high standard, high efficiency and high innovation of service spiritual and action, to provide you with product service of diversity, economy and instantly. 

About us

Hiro-Young International Corporation was established on May 20, 2003.We are the agent of UBE EVA for overseas market. and provide customers with EVA, LDPE, BR, PVC, , PA, MA and etc against  customer's demand.Our customers cover China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and so on.